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Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoes

When it’s time to hit the road ensure you are kitted out with cycling’s latest innovation! Bringing style, grace and outstanding technology to the table, Sidi’s Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoes are certain to revolutionise the way you ride.

Wire Yourself In

Offering a look into the future of road cycling, the Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoes have been crafted with a vent carbon sole that adjusts the intake of air to suit your foot’s every need. They keep things cool when the intensity rises and work in tandem with a microfibre tech-pro upper to take comfort to a whole new level. Unrivalled when it comes to how they feel, the upper’s fabric is made in Italy and is eco-friendly for those that like doing their bit for the environment. Resistant, stable and ever so lightweight, speed and performance certainly aren’t compromised in order to lavish comfort on your ride.

Unrivalled Comfort

If the vent carbon sole and microfibre tech-pro fabric wasn’t enough, Sidi have gone one step further with the addition of the techno 3 push closure system. Fitted in two different locations, adjustable fittings on the side and tongue of the foot welcome customisable comfort to the table, securing your foot firmly in place while at the same time removing hot spots. Allowing for on-the-fly edits, there is now no need to pull over and lose precious seconds from your time.


Vent Carbon Sole

A replaceable polyurethane heel pad and adjustable air intake give your shoe excellent breathability. The lightweight and stiff properties of the Vent Carbon Sole allow for high performing power transfers and it is designed with integrated vent and air channels to dissipate heat and improve air flow.

If that wasn't enough, the weave pattern carbon fibre construction maximises the soles stiffness while allowing for a small degree of flex in the toes. This carefully designed flex biomechanically relieves stress on the plantar tendon and helps promote circulation. To ensure you select the right option, the sole is 3 bolt fitting only.

Techno-3 Push

Dialling in your fit to the entire length of your shoe, Sidi’s outstanding Techno-3 push system adapts to your upper shape of the foot to provide adjustable comfort 24/7. The brand’s famously reliable and replaceable closures welcome a new proprietary wire material that eliminates binding to deliver on-the-fly adjustments, while a push buckle is both serviceable and replaceable. Offering an innovative push button, lifting your buckle and adjusting your fit quickly and efficiently will revolutionise the way you ride.

Adjustable Heel Retention Device

There’s nothing better than being able to adjust your retention device to suit your fitting. Sidi’s creation reinforces the top of the heel cup to improve your fit at the rear. It secures the heel with a tightened top and stability is guaranteed to keep your cadence explosive without compromising your fitting. For a custom adjustment turn the screw towards the + sign to tighten the heel retention device and towards the – sign to open it. Lightweight, easy to use, and replaceable.


  • Please Note: Sidi recommend purchasing one whole size up from your usual fit
  • Microfibre Tech-Pro fabric upper
  • Vent carbon sole with adjustable air intake
  • Soft Instep 4
  • Techno 3 Push closure
  • Adjustable heel retention device
  • Replaceable heel pad
  • Comfort fit insole