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Life Cycle Bicycle Shop is the authorized brand partner and distributor of Giant in the Philippines.


Bicycles have been around since the 19th century. Throughout the years, various developments have continued to improve the cycling experience and contribute to the growth of cycling as a sport. The world’s largest bicycle manufacturer up to date is Giant Bicycles from Taiwan. Founded in 1972, with the aim to unleash each rider’s full potential, Giant Group paves the way in the cycling industry through the production of high-quality products that has ultimately led them to become the top choice of both competitive and recreational cyclists.

With more than 12,000 retail stores around the world, Giant continues to rally as a catalyst for change with the establishment of their sister company Liv Cycling. Founded in 2008 by Bonnie Tu of Giant Bicycles, Liv cycling brand dedicated solely to women, provides the best cycling products for women, by women, and with women. Determined to become the go-to source for women cyclists, Liv cultivates an inclusive and enthusiastic rider community where women can feel welcomed and share their passion for cycling amongst other riders.

In the Philippines, Giant and Liv products were first brought into the country by the company Techno Turbo Trading, or 3T. Established more than 20 years ago, Techno Turbo Trading was one of the first to introduce commercially branded bicycles and accessories into the Philippines.

The company aims to provide the best quality when it comes to product satisfaction for customers who deserve that fun, exciting, and memorable cycling experience that only the best bicycle brands can offer. Since the introduction of Giant bicycles and other branded accessories into the country, the sport of cycling quickly rose in popularity among Filipinos.

Aside from the superior quality of Giant and other branded products, another main contributor to the rising trend in cycling was the spread of global awareness in promoting a healthy lifestyle together with the Filipino’s natural drive for adventure and the outdoors.

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