Allysa Seely wins the World Triathlon Para Series in Swansea, Wales!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Liv Racing Collective athlete Allysa Seely was able to secure a well-deserved win after recovering from a recent injury, poor weather, and last-minute race changes.

Heavy rain and wind couldn't stop Allysa Seely from winning gold at the World Triathlon Para Series in Swansea, Wales over the weekend. With the risk of the event almost being canceled entirely, a decision made 24 hours before forced the bike portion to be dropped, and the race was revised into an aquathlon format.

Despite the bike section being one of Seely's stronger disciplines, she pivoted her plan to prepare for the new format. "I just came off a big cycling training block and the technical course really would have played to my strengths, so I was entirely bummed not to be able to race the bike portion of the race, but I quickly turned my focus to what would be my first aquathlon to rework my strategy and learn the new course."

The Liv Racing Collective athlete is still recovering from a recent foot injury, which meant her focus would now be mostly on the swim. "I knew I would need a really strong swim to open the race to be a podium contender as I am coming off of a foot injury just a few weeks ago and am not in my typical run form. I had a great open to the swim and was able to get to the lead and then open a sizable gap. Turning into the final stretch I was met with a strong current and struggled to hold the gap I had created working alone, while the other athletes chased in a pack. I led out of the water and knew I would have to try and muster up anything I could on the run to keep that lead open."

Seely's efforts paid off and she not only reached the podium but managed to take the win. "I am excited that my foot held strong. I am coming away with some confidence that I will be able to maintain a strong training block going into my final two races of the season. And I can't wait to put that big cycling block to the test in my next event a few weeks away."

Follow Allysa Seely as she continues the 2023 World Triathlon Para Series and enters the Paris 2024 qualifying period. Check out the Liv Racing Calendar to stay up to date on all the upcoming action!



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