Anita Naidu Joins the Liv Global Ambassador Program!

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08 June 2021

We are excited to introduce the Liv Global Ambassador program and welcome new ambassador Anita Naidu. Celebrating the trailblazers and programs that elevate inclusion in cycling, we recognize outstanding women and programs in the cycling community who advocate for more opportunities to make cycling more inclusive.

Anita Naidu is recognized for her award-winning humanitarian and engineering work, as well as her athletic accomplishments. Through her advocacy and approach to mountain biking as a tool to foster social justice, she has inspired and helped thousands of people accomplish their cycling goals. An aspiring astronaut, competitor and coach, Naidu brings low cost, high-performance bike skills camps paired with anti-racism training and social impact forums through her Bike Fest Series to help people elevate their skills to meet the world's deepest needs.

“As the first woman of my ethnicity to join the Liv Global Ambassador team, it feels momentous. It’s a powerful step toward leaving behind generations of exclusion and rewriting the social contract,” said Naidu. “It’s more than a partnership - it’s about a movement. A belief that we can build a world where those in the margins are elevated with enough belonging and security to fail up rather than down, such that they may pursue even higher ideals and be defined by the audacity of their dreams.”

Naidu joins eight women (members of The Black Foxes and Ladies AllRide) as part of the new Liv Global Ambassador program. In 2020, we partnered with The Black Foxes, an international collective of unapologetically Black cyclists and outdoors-people reclaiming their narratives and roles in this realm. Shequaya Bailey, Ayesha McGowan, Alexa Everson and Shanika Rhodes share a passion for being active, unifying efforts to normalize Blackness on trails, mountains, group rides, and pelotons. The Black Foxes support those who are underrepresented, encouraging others to delve into outdoor sport for their physical and mental well-being, and are cultivating an international network of Black outdoors people while providing guidance to the community and industry on how to support accomplishing these goals.

Ladies AllRide, a long-time partner, is focused on growing the community of women mountain bikers across the globe. Founder Lindsey Richter, director of operations Meredith Brandt, as well as program leaders Allison Halpin and Cierra Smith, host skills camps that build riders’ technical skills through personalized, small group instruction in a unique format that develops both new and experienced riders alike. Led by accomplished coaches and staff, Ladies AllRide empowers, transforms and builds community through mountain biking, while also creating opportunities for riders of all ability levels to connect.

“The Liv Global Ambassadors exemplify our brand values by providing more opportunities and welcoming more women into cycling,” said Phoebe Liu, chief branding officer of Giant Group, which includes Liv, Giant, Momentum and CADEX brands. “We are honored to work with these leaders, and to support these meaningful programs that advance our shared mission of creating a more inclusive riding community.”

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