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Cycling Plus magazine and its sister website BikeRadar published a feature on endurance road bikes, choosing four of the top models in the category and rating them against the competition. Editors chose the Giant Defy Advanced Pro as their number one pick, calling it “the very definition of what a top-class endurance bike should be.”

The Defy Advanced Pro, which features a lightweight composite frameset engineered for smooth-riding compliance, confidence-inspiring control, and versatile performance that’s ideal for long rides, impressed Cycling Plus editors enough to earn a perfect 5-star rating. The Defy Advanced Pro 2 test model stood above the other top bikes selected for 2021, including the Felt VR Advanced Ultegra DI2, Kinesis GTD V2 and Cube Agree C:62 SL.
“Its geometry hits the ideal balance between an upright riding position and a sportier, more slammed stance,” wrote Cycling Plus senior technical editor Warren Rossiter. “Giant’s D-Fuse D-shaped seatpost has long been a feature on many of its bikes, and similar profiles have since been adopted by numerous brands. The shape retains the lateral rigidity of a round post but allows for some fore-and-aft movement that absorbs road buzz and vibrations. Giant has now incorporated D-Fuse into the handlebar, with the D-shape orientated so that the compliance comes into play when you hit a rough surface.”
As for its ride, Rossiter wrote: “When you put the power down you can feel the tautness of the frame, while the excellent power transfer when you’re sprinting shows the TCR’s influence.”
Summing it up, Cycling Plus claimed: “As an endurance bike the Defy is pretty much flawless. The ride quality exudes comfort, the handling is pure class and the specification doesn’t leave you wanting for anything other than a bottle cage or two. It’s extremely good value, and with its subtle black-grape hue, it looks every inch the superbike. Not only that, this Defy is very definitely a super distance bike.”
For more, check out the feature in the October issue of Cycling Plus, or read the review here on Cycling Plus’s sister website BikeRadar.

And for all the details on the Defy Advanced Pro series, click here.



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