Lisa Tertsch Wins Gold at the German Triathlon Championships in Düsseldorf!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Lisa Tertsch wins the German Triathlon Championships, claiming her second German individual title after her victory in 2021.

As the temperatures rose in Düsseldorf, Germany on Sunday, Lisa Tertsch emerged victorious at the German Triathlon Championships. The race consisted of a sprint distance 750-meter swim, a 20-kilometer bike ride, and a five-kilometer run, Tertsch completed the race in an impressive time of 56 minutes and 10 seconds. Reporting after the race, Tertsch stated "I practiced staying cool in the heat - sun and hot temperatures were a major factor in the race."

The Liv Racing Collective athlete broke out into the top three during the swim, racing on her EnviLiv Advanced Pro for the bike portion -  the leading back determined the pace for most of the race. During the run, a larger group was formed, and within 500 meters to go Tertsch broke away again to the front with one other racer. Ultimately her explosive sprint finish solidified her win, with a lead of three seconds. "It was a great feeling to come towards the end of the race and knowing that I still had plenty left for a sprint finish - and then seeing that no one could follow once I accelerated," said Tertsch after the race.

This triumph marked Tertsch's second German individual championship title, following her victory in 2021. "It was my second time becoming German Champion, I am happy with the decisions I made during the race and with my result. I had hoped to win, but in sport, there is never a certainty, so it is great that it actually worked out!"

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