Liv Racing becomes Liv Racing Xstra in 2022!

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Monday, November 15, 2021

Liv Racing has welcomed a new partner and shareholder in the name of Xstra Digital Storage. Next year the team will be known as Liv Racing Xstra. With this new partnership, the Dutch-based cycling team aims to enter the absolute top of women’s cycling.

Like the cycling team, Xstra is based in Oosterhout, the Netherlands. The internationally operating company is specialized in digital storage. It has been selling high-quality computer components and products for data storage for 25 years. Xstra has several European offices and serves customers throughout Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East. Xstra has enormous growth ambitions.

New business model

John Rasmussen, CEO of Xstra: “Everyone who knows me, knows that I have a great passion for cycling. In recent years, I have followed the rapid development of women’s cycling with great interest. With this partnership we not only put Xstra positively on the map, but we, as shareholders, together with the team management, also make an attempt to introduce a new financial structure into cycling. By creating broad financial support, we make the business model behind a cycling team healthier and future-proof.”

Developing and winning

Team manager Eric van den Boom is happy with the entry of partner Xstra. “We are one of the longest active teams in professional women’s cycling and in all those years we have made a great contribution to professionalizing our sport. With the new, additional partnership we build on our heritage and above all we are very much focused on the future. It is our goal to grow to the absolute world top, and to do so in our own, recognizable way that fits the past of our team. Developing cycling talents and being successful together in the most important races. That is what it is all about.”



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