Macha Pro Wins Best Women’s Performance Road Shoe by!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

The Macha Pro shoe, featured footwear of Liv Racing TeqFind, has been hailed as the "Best Women's Performance Road Cycling Shoe" by

Featured in the Best road cycling shoes of 2023 by, the Macha Pro earned high praise for its exceptional design and performance-enhancing features, claiming the title "Best women's performance road cycling shoes", spotlighting the shoe's ability to deliver a combination of stiffness, comfort, and style, making it a clear winner in its category.

The Macha Pro is the performance road shoe featured on the Liv Racing TeqFind team, a key item worn at the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift and the UCI Women's World Tour. states, "Our reviewer could sense the superior performance when sprinting or climbing out of the saddle, justifying why these shoes are so popular in the women's pro peloton."

In the in-depth review, one standout feature is the Macha Pro's exceptional stiffness, which allows for optimal power transfer. With the carbon ExoBeam sole and supportive wraparound upper, the reviewer details - "it envelops the foot and adds to that superior performance feel as it anchors the foot well." also emphasizes the padded heel cup and the precise adjustment offered by the Boa dials. These features ensure a secure and personalized fit, reducing the risk of discomfort even on demanding rides, "The heel cup is sufficiently padded to avoid pinching, and its sharkskin lining eliminates slipping; the foot is anchored and secure when you start to ride aggressively." -

Read the full Macha Pro review on HERE.

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