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20 JANUARY 2021

The TCR Advanced Pro Disc has been chosen by as its 2020/2021 Bike of the Year. The website published a feature story covering its top-10 bikes of the year, and in addition to earning the prestigious overall winner Giant also scored the No. 2 spot in the "Superbike" category with the pro-level TCR Advanced SL Disc series.

Explaining their reasons for picking the TCR Advanced Pro 1 Disc model as the No. 1 bike of the year, from a long list of contenders, editors wrote: “Why? Because it offers a superbike performance at a way more accessible price. Aside from the being great value for money, the real strength of this TCR is the ride quality and amount of tech that it gets from the more expensive SL model.”
Looking at the bike's performance on the road, they wrote: “The TCR Advanced Pro 1 Disc is a lively performer that responds well as you increase the power. Press hard on the pedals and very little of your effort is lost. It feels solid and offers rapid acceleration, while climbing remains a real strength.”

The TCR Advanced SL Disc took the No. 2 spot in the “Superbike” category. “This top-of-the-range offering is an absolut beaut!” editors wrote of the flagship model, the TCR Advanced SL 0. “It’s quick to accelerate and it’s fast on the climbs. Chuck the bike around, brake hard, do whatever you want, you won’t cause the front end to waver or fluster. It’s more than confidence inspiring, it’s almost freaky.”
For more, check out the full story, including this video, on the website.
And for all the details on the full new range of TCR bikes, click here.



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