Ronja Blöchlinger podiums at the U23 XCO in Val Di Sole!

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Monday, July 3, 2023

Liv Factory Racing athlete Ronja Blöchlinger finishes third in the U23 XCO, following a win earlier this week at the UCI XC World Cup in Val Di Sole, Italy.

Fresh off an undefeated win in the U23 XCC earlier this week, Ronja Blöchlinger once again podiums at Val Di Sole, in the U23 Cross-country Short Track XCO. Racing on her trusty Pique Advanced Pro, the Liv Factory Racing athlete showcased her strength during the early laps and crossed the finish line with a time of 1:09:11, earning her a well-deserved third place.

In the fourth round of the UCI XC World Cup Series, held at Val Di Sole, Italy, the course proved to be a good fit for Blöchlinger's riding style. As the race began, she positioned herself strongly out front and engaged in an exhilarating battle with the defending champion Sofie Pedersen. Sharing her thoughts on the race, Blöchlinger expressed, "I really enjoyed this course, it suited me well. The race started and I was at the front with Sofie, I enjoyed racing with her closely for the first part of the race."

Towards the latter part of the race, Blöchlinger experienced a slight decrease in pace but managed to secure a solid third-place finish. "I tried to attack in the technical part, but my tactic didn't work as well as I hoped, and I destroyed myself more than getting ahead," explained Blöchlinger post-race. "I am really happy with this result, it motivates me to train harder for the next one."

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