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29 SEPTEMBER 2020 published a review of the Rail SX MIPS helmet, detailing its design, comfort and fit, and “some cool features to note.”
“When the Rail SX MIPS half shell from Giant arrived, my immediate thought was ‘this helmet looks light,’” wrote tester Brian Gerow. “For my heinously thick-haired scalp the Rail SX has a comfortable fit, and the vents seem to dry sweat fairly well.”
As for the comfort and adjustability, Gerow reported: “The angle of the retention system is micro-adjustable between five different positions, which should help anyone dial it in to their unique face and dome shape. The adjustable ratcheting ring wraps the entire circumference of the helmet, preventing unwanted sharp spots when it’s tightened down.”
For more, check out the full review on
And for all the technical details on Rail SX, click here.

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