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TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 2020

Cycle News, a weekly digital motorcycling magazine based in the U.S., published a feature story on the Giant FastRoad E+ EX Pro E-bike in its June 9 issue. It was the first time the magazine, which was founded in 1965 and is one of the oldest active motorcycle magazines in the world, has published a story on an E-bike.

Cycle News staffer Sean Finley wrote about his experience on the FastRoad E+ EX Pro. “Giant is one of the world’s leading bicycle brands and has developed a complete line of electric-assist bicycles,” he wrote. “I have been an avid road- and mountain-bike rider since I was a teenager, mostly riding to stay fit for motorcycle racing and riding. I first became intrigued by e-bike about five years ago, as they became refined enough to offer good range and reasonable weight.”

Finley used the FastRoad E+ EX Pro primarily for his daily commute, which is 18.5 miles and includes roads, paths and dirt trails. “I chose the Giant FastRoad E+ EX Pro, which included a rack and comfortable mountain bike-style handlebars and ergonomics,” he wrote. “It also includes full fenders and larger front and rear lights to improve daytime visibility to distracted drivers or get you home in the dark.”

As for how it performed during the test, Finley wrote: “Two months of riding the Giant FastRoad E+ EX Pro commuter bike has me hooked. It is well built, works amazing and gets me to ride and commute on days when I do not feel up to it on my regular bike.”

For more, check out the full story in the CycleNews digital edition.

And for all the details on the FastRoad E+ EX Pro, click here.



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