Linda Indergand Wins Swiss Bike Cup Gstaad and Overall Title!

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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Linda Indergand secures a double triumph at the Swiss Bike Cup in Gstaad, Switzerland, with a win in the last race of the series and takes the overall title.

The big season finale of the CIC ON Swiss Bike Cup Series unfolded at the Saanen Airport in Gstaad, Switzerland, over the weekend. Liv Factory Racing athlete Linda Indergand took the win in the Elite Women's Cross-country Olympic XCO, racing on her Pique Advanced Pro 29.

The race course featured challenging terrain, characterized by frozen ground in the early morning hours, which gradually evolved to slippery mud as the day progressed. Indergand acknowledged the efforts made from previous year's to enhance the track's resilience to varying weather conditions."The race organizer did everything to improve the track for this year and make it more weather proof."

The overall series winners for the 2023 season were also determined after the event, Indergand secured her position as the CIC ON Swiss Bike Cup Series Champion. "I was able to win the last round and also celebrated the day with the overall win." Indergand will continue her racing season with the final rounds of the UCI XC Mountain Bike World Cup Series, as it heads to North America next week.

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