Marianne Vos Wins Ethias Cross!

Posted by Eric Roque on

22 December 2020

In her first race of the cyclocross season, Marianne Vos rode away from the lead group to take a commanding victory at Ethias Cross in Essen, Belgium.

After having to cut her cyclocross season short in January due to injury, Marianne Vos made her return in Essen, Belgium on Tuesday. In muddy conditions, Vos patiently awaited her moment to attack from the lead group in the final lap. She crossed the line for the victory alone, taking her second consecutive win at the race.

“I had to go deep, but it went well,” said Vos in a post-race interview. “I was able to move up lap by lap and I went beyond expectations.”

Both Vos and teammate Pauliena Rooijakkers, who finished 19th, raced aboard the all-new Brava Advanced Pro with CADEX wheels. Though select riders had raced aboard the prototype last winter, Vos’ win Tuesday was the first on the bike after its public debut in July.

Vos and Rooijakkers will race again Wednesday at X2O Trofee Herentals, where the start list will have a deeper pool of talent.



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