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21 DECEMBER 2020

With a near perfect 9/10 rating, the new TCR Advanced Pro Disc earned a place on Cycling Weekly’s 2020 Editor’s Choice Awards. Editors were impressed with its light weight, efficiency and road handling, calling it “a fantastic bike.”

Cycling Weekly tester Vern Pitt reported on the evolution of the TCR range and all the innovations in the latest generation. “The TCR has a devout following among a group of people who value its total devotion to being fast, racy and light,” he wrote. “Upon seeing the first press shots of the new one I was hard pressed to tell the difference. Up close, however, the differences are instantly noticeable and almost all in the name of aerodynamics. The down-tube has been dramatically flattened, the fork has been tweaked to be wider laterally and more aerofoil shaped."
Beyond the frameset, Pitt was particularly impressed with the Giant SLR 1 Carbon Disc WheelSystem on his TCR Advanced Pro Disc test model. “A complete redesign from the previous model, they look sleek as hell, hold speed beautifully and pleasingly seem only mildly inconvenienced by crosswinds despite their 42mm deep carbon profile,” he wrote.
As for its performance on the road, Pitt wrote: “The TCR is known for having a balance to it and that’s still the case here. Throw it into a series of twists with wild abandon, change your line in the middle of them or swerve round potholes and it’s a lively flickable beast. It’s impressively light as well. Combine that with the stiffness and efficiency and the TCR climbs beautifully.”
Summing up the test, Pitt wrote: “Ultimately it’s a fantastic bike. I’m not one to ascribe an ethereal quality to a machine, they are never more than the sum of their parts to me. But these are some special parts and when you add them together you get something that is never less than that – a total complete race bike.”
For more, check out the full review on the Cycling Weekly website.
And for all the latest details on the full TCR range, click here.



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